CND Shellac orig 1 423

Shellac is an extended wear polish, which dries instantly and lasts for at least 2 weeks.  There is no chipping, smudging or peeling, its thin and flexible like polish so it not only looks natural it provides a strong natural nail protection.

Shellac Manicure  £25.00
Shellac FRENCH Manicure  £27.00
Nail shaping, cuticle tidy, Shellac application finish with hand cream

Shellac Pedicure  £28.00
Shellac FRENCH Pedicure  £30.00
Foot soak, nail shaping, cuticle tidy, hard skin smoothing, Shellac application finish with foot lotion.

Shellac Removal with Mini Manicure £18.00

Removal Only £6.50